Here is a bio of me, written in third person.

James Ed West grew up in Scottsboro, Alabama, home to not much more than a few BBQ shacks and everyone's forgotten airline goods. Per your typical Southern-raised archetype, James was raised on fried cornbread, BAMA football and a dash of mid 2000s emo music. At nine years old he spooled up a rented Blockbuster VHS titled "Saving Private Ryan." Slowly absorbing the visual delight, he was completely enamored. He told his teacher the next day at school that he didn’t have to do math anymore because he was going to be a movie director like Spielberg. She said “No, that’s not realistic.” James stormed out of the classroom never to return.

Pause. Fast forward to today. James is a media producer and editor on the marketing team at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville.  Through over two years of industry experience, coupled with an educational foundation in communications, he has transformed his childhood fascination of visual narratives into a comprehensive understanding of how to tell stories for people and brands.